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Daniel Lütolf
Industriestrasse 1
CH-5436 Würenlos
+41(0)56 424 24 27
+41(0)79 705 49 08

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Deon Davies

I was fortunate to visit Daniel Lutolf twice the last 6 months. (2009/2010)

In a nutshell I was “shocked” with the quality of his birds. His birds are super.

They are big powerful birds with “Fan Faces”, yet still have the required style and swank needed in a show budgie. These Fan faces have all 4 of the element needed for top head features in a show bird; a combination of length of feather, feather direction (up and sideways), muscle movement and also bone structure.

His main bird room is situated under his house. Small windows leading to an outside flight gives supplies enough fresh air. A big extractor fan ensures that dust is almost non existent in his bird room.

He keeps about 300-400 birds, using about 70 pairs for breeding. He keeps a variety of colours with his normals being in the majority. The bird room is vacuumed on more than one occasion per day. He feeds a basic mixed seed mixture, with a variety of soft food daily. All birds get fresh water daily.

I also had the privilege to also visit some of the other top breeders in Germany and Switzerland. I have not seen better quality of birds anywhere.

He can be very proud of the quality of birds he has.

Deon Davie

National Society and Judges Committee Chairman

South Africa


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